Hysteresis and calibration settings: how to fully customize your Rialto Smart Thermostat

28 July 2017|

With the 1.3.3 update for Apple iOS devices and 1.3.4 for Android smartphones e tablets, we introduced several new functionalities, among which the chance to personalize the settings for hysteresis and offset [...]

How to set geolocation settings

27 July 2017|

From the home screen you can access the menu by pressing the command icon with three horizontal stripes on the top left. Among the menu items you'll [...]

How to connect an additional thermostat to your Rialto system

7 February 2017|

You already have installed a Rialto WhiteBox control unit (purchased it with a Rialto Kit) and you want to add one or many additional smart thermostats to your Rialto [...]

Override function: how to temporarily change desired temperature

31 January 2017|

Switch the heating on without changing your chrono program. You won't even need to remember to switch it off. Thanks to the Override function, by pressing + and [...]

Tutorial: how to fully reset your Rialto thermostat

18 October 2016|

How to reset your Rialto thermostat to factory setting in few simple steps RESET procedure to fully delete thermostat's connection with Rialto WhiteBox gateway in use: Press and hold the buttons + [...]

How to build your daily weekly program on Rialto chronothermostat

5 September 2016|

Once selected a single Rialto Smart Thermostat, select the clock icon (at the top right). This is an overview screen for your weekly chrono program with [...]

Tutorial: how to use geolocation while setting up custom chrono program for your Rialto Smart Thermostat

30 August 2016|

Why should you use geolocation feature while setting up a custom chrono program for your Rialto Smart Thermostat? Because it avoids unnecessary consumptions! Before starting: what do [...]

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