Why choose a smart wireless heating system?

You will control your energy consumption, reduce wastes and CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.

Can’t come home as planned? Are you coming back home early?

Postpone or anticipate the heating switching on or off the system wherever you are, anytime.

On your way home?

With geolocation feature (activated) Rialto knows where you are and welcomes you with the wished temperature.

Weekly chronothermostat

Rialto replaces your old chronothermostat: set the wished temperature for each hour of the day, every day.

Get the best temperature for each moment of the day, depending on your needs.

Do you own an underfloor heating system? Select the dedicated option among settings to better use your system.

Rialto is a self-paying investment

Optimize your heating system and save money for energy consumption!

You can considerably improve the functioning of your heating system optimizing your own use.

Test Rialto app

Freely download Rialto app on your Apple iOS or Android smartphone and tablet: discover how it works with to the DEMO mode