On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions on the Rialto system: wireless thermostat, programmable smart multizone thermostat, WhiteBox WiFi gateway and free app for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

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Rialto smart thermostat is compatible and can replace all thermostat and chronotermostats that control heating’s on/off switching with a electrical C (COM), NO and NC connections.
Typically you only need to replicate old thermostat’s connections.

To figure out if your current thermostat is compatible you can send us its exact brand and model number. If it’s possible please attach front and rear photos of your thermostat with visible contacts.

Rialto system, remotely managing your heating, is extremely reliable.

Rialto devices remotely communicate with smartphones and tablets via WhiteBox gateway connected to house internet router. You can control and manage all Rialto devices remotely if your smartphone or tablet is connected to the internet via any mobile or Wi-Fi data connection.

Yes, Siemens Rev12 thermostat works with an on/off contact so you can replace it with Rialto smart thermostat.

To make Rialto an “universal” thermostat, we couldn’t make it communicate additional informations to boilers, because every boiler talks a proprietary language to thermostats of the same brand.
Replacing your current thermostat with Rialto means losing this functionality.

Rialto is an intelligent chronotermostat with all the functions of a traditional programmable thermostat, to which we added smart features such as remote management, programming based on the inhabitants’ distance from home and the possibility to monitor heating’s functioning, described by a graph.

No. Rialto can manage up to 12 independent zones already equipped with an electric control.

Rialto will replace existing thermostat to manage the whole heating system. It does not manage single radiators.

Rialto is not a modulating thermostat: it does not handle heating’s flame power but only on/off switching.
So Rialto is “universal”.

Typically, modulating thermostats, in order to communicate with the heating’s boiler, only work with same brand boilers.

Yes. You just need to be connected to internet: your smartphone or tablet and your Rialto WhiteBox gateway must be connected to the internet. Free Rialto App for iOS and Android allows you to manage your Rialto Thermostat both via Wi-Fi or mobile data.

The internet data consumed depend on how much you use your Rialto App: the more you consult it or change settings and programming, the more it consumes.

From the data at our disposal and from tests we continuosly make, we can safely say that the amount of MB consumed per day by the Rialto Thermostat is definitely limited, and they are irrelevant for whatever internet plan.

The sensor that detects temperature is placed on the Rialto thermostat, because it’s the device you install in every room you want to monitor.

Rialto system can manage up to 12 independent wireless thermostats: in your case, you can install one thermostat in each room you wish to monitor, and then set the desired temperatures.

Yes, but it does not have the chronothermostat function.

It is the Rialto WhiteBox gateway, core of the Rialto system: it is supplied with USB (cable and power supply included), then connected via LAN RJ45 Ethernet cable (included) to the domestic modem router and it allows you to manage your thermostat using the free Rialto App for iOS and Android.

You can manage the daily and weekly program via the free Rialto App your iOS and Android device, from which you can also monitor functioning of your system using a chart displaying ambient temperature, set temperature and time bands where Rialto switches heating on and off.

Rialto Thermostat’s remote control is possible only using the free Rialto App using the internet connection (mobile data or Wi-Fi) from an iOS or Android device on which the Rialto App is installed to connect to your Rialto WhiteBox gateway.

Yes. You can manually vary temperature setting on your thermostat with two +/- touch buttons, displaying the value set on the Rialto App. The programming function of the weekly thermostat, which is exclusively managed from the Rialto App, is not available though.

Warning: a manual variation on the Thermostat is kept until 23:59 of the same day. Then, Rialto automatically retakes chrono function.

Rialto WhiteBox control unit is included in “Rialto kit (Thermostat + WhiteBox)”: once connected to the domestic modem, it allows you to access Thermostat’s configuration from the free Rialto App wherever you are.

Free Rialto App allows you to create a daily and weekly program for each daily time, either depending on the geolocation function or not.

Then you can decide, within a particular time band, to consider your GPS geographical position to switch on or off the heating system.

You cannot switch Rialto Thermostat off completely, but you can choose the manual control setting a low ‘safety temperature’ or changing the daily and weekly program selecting the “OFF” light blue program.

Yes. In case you have geolocation function activated and you have defined a program of the thermostat that considers your distance from home you can keep the GPS geolocation switched off on your smartphone or tablet if you are far away from the minimum distance set on the Rialto App.

Otherwise, if you are coming back home and you wish to track your GPS position, then switch on geolocation on your mobile device before reaching minimum distance set, because your mobile phone needs a technical time to triangulate your GPS position precisely.

Rialto Thermostat allows you to set a daily program on a weekly basis using the free Rialto App for iOS and Android. It is currently not possible to program the chronothermostat manually, operating on the thermostat.

Yes. With the geolocation function you can set your house’s GPS position on the map and the minimum distance to switch the heating on when you are, say, 500m / 1km/ 1,5 km / 2 km/ 2.5 km or 3km distant from home.

No. Once connected via LAN RJ45 Ethernet cable to your modem the Rialto system does not need any other parameter, configuration or operation unless your domestic or company network is configured with some restrictions or specific parameters for new devices. In such cases, we advise you to contact the installer of your domestic network or the administrator of your company network.

Yes. For each additional room or zone you wish to monitor you need to purchase one Rialto additional thermostat: pair it in few seconds to the Rialto WhiteBox gateway, simply following the instructions on the Rialto App.

Using the geolocation you can manage an advanced programming, not simply a daily and weekly chronothermostat’s program: with this additional function, Rialto can set the switching on and off of your system taking into consideration your distance from home.

You can decide to integrate the operation carried out by Rialto on the system depending on hourly and daily time bands also considering the distance between your position and the GPS set position (home), thus creating functioning modes managed by calendar and geolocation.

Yes. Both the Thermostat and the free Rialto App displays if the heating system is functioning or not, showing a flame on the side of the temperature sign if the heating is on.

Rialto thermostat is never switched off: similarly to traditional wall-mounted chronothermostats, Rialto always displays necessary informations about the ambiance degrees, whether the system is working or not, whether it receives data from the App, and whether the batteries are exhausting. It is also possible to visualize the temperature set (SET) touching one of the two buttons on the thermostat.

Rialto Thermostat operates with 2 AA batteries whose charge last, according to our tests, for at least 2 years.

Rialto App is freely downloadable for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets and available in the following languages: English, Italian, French, German and Spanish.

Internet data consumed depends on how much Rialto App is used: the more you consult it or apply changes, the more it consumes.

From the tests we made and from data at our disposal, we can confirm that data consumed per day is definitely limited.
For instance, with a daily check and a complete programming of the weekly chronothermostat, users has a consumption of about 10 MB per month, which is irrelevant for any mobile data plan. These data might vary with a dramatic increase if you leave your smartphone or tablet switched on with the Rialto App open.

Yes, the Rialto App is available for free for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Not at the moment. The free Rialto App is available only for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Free Rialto App is currently available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, but unfortunately not for Blackberry OS.

Rialto thermostat does not need the network power supply: it works with two AA batteries lasting not less than 2 years (according to our tests).

With Rialto you have full control on your heating, remotely. Using the free Rialto App on your iOS and Android smartphone or tablet you can choose whether to control it manually or set the temperature wished for every day of the week, configuring chronothermostat mode. Furthermore, you can switch on the geolocation function and automatically change status of your heating depending on your GPS position and distance from home.

Therefore, when you are out, you can monitor the temperature of different rooms (up to 12), and decide whether to switch on or off heating in real time or program it depending on time bands or your geographic position.

All daily and weekly time bands programming can be managed from the free Rialto App, just like the geolocation parameters.

All manuals are written in English and Italian.

If you cannot find what you’re looking for, please contact us by filling in this contact form.

Yes, you can contact us via email using this form for any kind of information or technical support.

Yes, the only limit is that the router must have an ethernet port to connect Rialto WhiteBox gateway with the LAN Ethernet RJ45 cable included.

You can avoid the problem of the lack of ethernet port on your 3G Wi-Fi router by purchasing a “Wi-Fi to Ethernet” adapter, taking Wi-Fi signal from your router to provide an Ethernet port, and then to connect it to the Rialto WhiteBox control unit.

Yes, Rialto is a multi-thermostat system which allows you to manage up to 12 independent thermostats, using the free Rialto App on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

Yes. With an app update (March 2017) freely available for all users, we introduced possibility to manage both winter (heating) and summer (cooling) temperatures and systems.

Yes, Rialto is made to manage up to 12 independent thermostats to monitor up to 12 indepentent areas. You shall install one thermostat for each room and pair it to the Rialto WhiteBox gateway using the free App Rialto.

Yes, Rialto system is compatible with underfloor heating. In the Rialto App you can find a dedicated setting useful for avoiding a complete switching off of the underfloor heating system, to manage it the best way, save energy and money.

ECO time zone can be set and customized depending on users’ needs. With geolocation option active, Rialto lets you automatically switch to ECO depending on your position.

It depends on the type of heating. Generally speaking, if there is a thermostat in the apartment for a personal regulation of the temperature, Rialto system is compatible.

To better answer to your specific question about compatibility you can give us your system’s specifications, attaching photos of the components and contacting us using this contact form.

The normative states the installation must be executed only by specialized technicians and without power supply. The installation is very simple though, you just need to connect the two cables managing the opening and closure of your heating system’s relay following the same connections of the thermostat you replace (NC – NO). If the old thermostat had cables to connected to 230V power supply, you need to isolate them.

There is no need for additional configuration. You can use the Rialto App both at home connected to your Wi-Fi network and outside connected to your mobile or to any other Wi-Fi network: you simply need an internet connection for your tablet or smartphone and Rialto WhiteBox control unit installed at home.

It operates with an Ethernet cable. Rialto system can manage up to 12 thermostats connected wirelessly to one gateway, Rialto WhiteBox, connected to the domestic modem router (necessary to remotely control every thermostat via app) with a LAN Ethernet RJ45 cable.

Rialto Thermostat functions wirelessly, but it does not use Wi-Fi technology for the router connection. For that reason, it has to be always connected to its Rialto WhiteBox control unit, which is connected via LAN Ethernet RJ45 cable to your domestic router. WhiteBox gateway is necessary, because it connects Rialto Thermostat to the modem router. Plus, it is necessary to install additional thermostats (up to 12) and it is at the core of future products.

On the contrary, Rialto Thermostat is connected directly to the cables coming from the boiler to manage switching on/off the heating.

Rialto is connected to the WhiteBox gateway wirelessly.

No, Rialto system replaces both the thermostat and the chronothermostat functions, which become much more intuitive with Rialto App.

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