Your WiFi thermostat at your fingertips, wherever you are
You can…

  • Control and adjust temperature directly from your smartphone or tablet, at home and outside

  • Manage your wireless thermostat using the free “Rialto” App, as chronothermostat with weekly program or in manual mode

  • Set the right temperature for each time slot, choosing between pre-set “comfort” and “eco” mode

Rialto WhiteBox gateway

Right at the heart of Rialto Comfort system, WhiteBox gateway communicates with the wireless Thermostats and additional accessories that will join the system

Don’t mind which thermostat you have at home

Rialto replaces almost any wall-mounted thermostat, both old and new generation.

It is compatible with most heating systems currently in use: gas, biomass or solar, radiating plates and underfloor heating systems.


No need to switch on/off the heating manually: thanks to GPS geolocation the heating system will automatically switch to different modes, depending on where you are.

Rialto can consider all the people living with you if they have “Rialto” App installed on their devices: it switches off the heating off only after the last person has left the house.

Know your heating system better

How long does it take for a one-degree temperature rise?

The time needed to warm a house depends on many factors: each house has specific characteristics and different needs.
The chart on the Rialto App lets you monitor temperature and when, how and how long the heating system works.

Discovering your heating’s running time you will be able to refine chronothermostat settings and App’s program, to increase efficiency and savings!

Looking for more information on how Rialto works?

Visit the FAQ page or contact us!

Test Rialto app

Freely download Rialto app on your Apple iOS or Android smartphone and tablet: discover how it works with the DEMO mode