Rialto is so easy to use.

  • You can install the complete system in few minutes and set the wished temperature. Easy, quick and helpful!

  • Rialto Thermostat is wireless and it operates with 2 AA batteries, so you can install it anywhere

  • All family members can use the Thermostat and the Rialto App without consulting complex user manuals.

3 steps to install Rialto

WhiteBox Rialto - centralina wireless

Connect the WhiteBox Rialto gateway to the domestic modem/router with the Ethernet LAN cable and power WhiteBox with the power supply and the USB cable (all included)

Insert AA batteries in your Rialto Thermostat (included)

Download the free “Rialto” App to configure the new smart wireless thermostat

Start optimizing your system functioning and save money!

Do you want to manage different areas in your home?
Living room, bedrooms, bathrooms?

No worries! You can manage up to 12 Rialto wireless chronothermostats. Pairing only takes few seconds.

To configure an additional Thermostat, you simply need to push the button on your WhiteBox and tap twice on your smartphone or tablet.

Looking for more information on how Rialto works?

Visit the FAQ page or contact us!