Analyze your consumptions and start saving money

Rialto Energy Monitor Kit provides you with estimated costs of your system or a single electrical load

It measures electricity usage: awareness is the key for saving

  • Measurement of power and energy consumed in real time
  • Max power detected: 15 kW single phase
  • Current transformer (70A max) supplied with 1-metre cable
  • Repeater function for Rialto wireless network
  • Power supply: 230Vac
  • Dimensions (L x H x D): 75 x 110 x 25 mm
  • Wall mounting

Take control of your consumptions and choose a greener lifestyle

Combine your Energy Monitor Kit with other Rialto products for energy saving

Smart Plug
and/or Smart Switch

Programming indoor and outdoor lighting systems with energy meters

Smart Plug
and/or Smart Switch

Programming and operation of pool water pumps

Smart Relay

Switch-on, switch-off and programming of pellet stove via App

Smart Meter

Monitoring of energy used for lighting systems in shops, offices etc.

Smart Thermostat
and Smart Relay

Temperature control using VMC systems

Smart Thermostat
and Smart Switch

Integrated summer/winter climate control

Rialto is designed and made entirely in Italy by Astrel Group, an electronics company of thirty years standing, certified to ISO 14001.

Save your money with Rialto Energy Monitor Kit

• Find out hidden power consumptions

• Reduce environmental footprint with targeted energy efficiency interventions

• Start considering new “green” investments for your house, office or company

Installing Rialto Energy Monitor Kit is super easy:

Rialto Smart Meter must be connected to the fuse board or to the electrical line with a current transformer, to measure real time energy [Wh] and power [W] consumed.

Once connected the WhiteBox control unit to the ADSL modem with an Ethernet cable, the Smart Meter must be associated to the gateway following a short guided procedure available on the “Rialto” App. After completing those simple steps, the device is already working and available on your smartphone.

Energy Monitor Kit is expandable: anytime, you can combine it with additional Smart Meters, to measure further electrical lines or loads. The system can also be extended with additional Thermostats, Smart Plugs and other Rialto wireless devices (up to 32), for a flexible and complete management of the energy and heating/cooling system via App.

Try the DEMO version of “Rialto” App

Download “Rialto” App for free on your Apple iOS or Android smartphone and tablet, start the DEMO mode and try all functions

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