Once selected a single Rialto Smart Thermostat, select the clock icon (at the top right).

This is an overview screen for your weekly chrono program with 7 columns, one for each weekday.

Choose one column to change the chrono program of that day.

Select from the right column the color/temperature block you wish to have for a specific time frame of the day.

Fill in time frames in the left column with the selected colour/temperature block.

Once completed your chrono program for the selected day, use < button (at the top left) to go back to weekly overview.

You can copy and paste the daily chrono program on several days using Copy-Paste function, accessible with the “menu” command on the right of the << and >> arrows, useful to browse through the days.

If you want to configure the same temperature mode for the whole day, you can use commands reachable from the same menu.

Check weekly program you created and use the button to save the chrono program.