You already have installed a Rialto WhiteBox control unit (purchased it with a Rialto Kit) and you want to add one or many additional smart thermostats to your Rialto network?

Follow this guide!

When you plug in batteries to your new Rialto smart thermostat for the first time, you will see “no NET” message on the display.

Open the Rialto App: to add a new device, reach menu command (three horizontal stripes at the top left) and the press “+ New device” command.

Select the device you want to add to your Rialto network; in this case you are adding a smart thermostat, so choose “Add a thermostat”.

Name your new smart thermostat (you can change it later) and confirm it.

You are now ready to start the pairing procedure between your new¬†thermostat and¬†your Rialto WhiteBox: press “Start procedure”.

Once started, as said in the App, press the + button on the thermostat you want to add until you see “Joi” on the thermostat’s display.

Once completed the procedure, thermostat will show the ambient temperature detected, whilst the App will show a confirmation message.

Press Ok to go back to App Home page: all Rialto devices are listed there.

The touch”+” and “-” buttons do not send feedback as you press them.
If you don’t see “JOi” indication as you are pressing “+” button on your thermostat:
– verify you are correctly pressing the surface where the “+” command is placed
– wipe surface with a clean and soft cloth for a better contact with the capacitive touch buttons

Something went wrong?
Thermostat is showing ambient temperature but you cannot find it in the list of connected devices?
Before starting the procedure again, reset your thermostat by following this guide.