Switch the heating on without changing your chrono program.
You won’t even need to remember to switch it off.

Thanks to the Override function, by pressing + and – buttons on your thermostat (or the same buttons via App), you can temporarily overwrite your custom chrono program to switch on or off the heating (or cooling system) by modifying desired temperature.
This setting will be valid until the next chrono program slot, when the thermostat will go back to your previously configured chrono program.

In the following example, the thermostat is on chrono mode (SET point 17,5°) but the user switches the heating on to reach a room temperature of 21°.

Rialto Smart Thermostat is in chrono mode:

  • Ambient temperature is 18,5°
  • Heating is switched off, with SET point at 17,5°

To switch the heating on using the OVERRIDE function just tap on + or – on your Rialto Smart Thermostat to increase SET point value to the desired temperature (you can use the same buttons via App too):

  • Ambient temperature detected at 18,5°
  • New SET point at 21°

SET point temperature at 21°

Rialto Smart Thermostat receives your command to switch the heating on and shows the new status:

Timer mode is activated. However, it seems that someone has changed your preferred temperature. The temperature of 21.0° will be maintained until the next change present into the system.

  • Ambient temperature is 18,6°
  • Heating is on with SET point at 21°

Override function can be very useful and it is very appreciated by users to temporarily switch the heating or cooling system on or off quickly and easily, without losing the comfort of their customized chrono settings and without needing to remember to switch back to chrono program.

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