How to reset your Rialto thermostat to factory setting in few simple steps

RESET procedure to fully delete thermostat’s connection with Rialto WhiteBox gateway in use:

  1. Press and hold the buttons + and – until you read “PRo” on the display
  2. Press the button + many times until you read “RST” above the word “PRo” and wait. Thermostat will automatically go back to the display screen of ambient temperature


Once completed RESET procedure, you need to reset the thermostat to factory settings:

  1. Press and hold at the same time the buttons + and – until you read “PRo” on the display screen
  2. Press the button + many times, until tou read “LEA” above the word “PRo” and wait
  3. When done correctly, thermostat will show the feedback message “YES” and it will restart
  4. The procedure is completed; your thermostat will show the display screen “no Net”


If you follow both procedures your Rialto thermostat will go back to factory setting.

In order to connect the Thermostat to the WhiteBox control unit, just open Rialto App on your smartphone / tablet (Apple iOS or Android) and follow “Add a device” procedure.

The two touch buttons “+” e “-” do not send feedback.
In case after pressing the two buttons at the same time the temperature value increases or decreases, or after 5 seconds the word “Pro” does not appear on the display, it is very likely you haven’t pressed the commands + and – properly.
Please try again, and press at the same time the two buttons OR wipe the thermostat’s surface with a clean and soft cloth for a better contact with the capacitive surface of touch buttons.