Save on your heating with a smart thermostat

Rialto Thermo Kit: one thermostat, multiple applications

Thermo Kit is suitable to numerous applications. You can indeed expand your Rialto smart home system up to 32 devices and manage it with advanced functions such as the activation of electrical appliances based on the room temperature.
Carefree climate control: place your Smart Thermostat wherever you want! Being battery-powered, Rialto can manage the temperature even in rooms not equipped with a thermostat.

  • Replacement of existing thermostats without changes to the system
  • Multi-zone heating, even on different floors, in dwellings and small offices
  • Temperature management for interiors using Controlled Mechanical Ventilation system
  • Connection of multiple electric radiators or radiant panels to a single wireless thermostat
  • Integrated summer/winter climate control

Rialto is the only multi-room system that allows you to manage your electric heating as well!

Combine your Thermo Kit with Rialto plugs and relays for climate control

Smart Thermostat
and Smart Plug

Programming electrical radiators and radiant panels depending on room temperature

Smart Thermostat

Management of heating and cooling systems with the heat pump and only one Thermostat

Smart Relay

Switch-on, switch-off and programming of pellet stove via App

Smart Thermostat

Management of multi-room heating, even on different floors

Smart Thermostat
and Smart Relay

Temperature control using VMC systems

Smart Thermostat
and Smart Switch

Integrated summer/winter climate control

Rialto is designed and made entirely in Italy by Astrel Group, an electronics company of thirty years standing, certified to ISO 14001.

Save money and take care of the environment with Rialto Thermo Kit

App Rialto_programmazione

Your comfort, anytime, anywhere

  • Remote control of temperature from smartphone or tablet, indoor and outdoor
  • Smart or manual management using five temperature bands
  • With the “geo” function, the heating switches on automatically when you are about to come back home

Replace your old thermostat in one touch

  • Compatible with the majority of traditional wall-mounted thermostats
  • It can be installed anywhere (it is battery-powered, no wires)
  • Elegant design, suitable to any room

Sustainable energy saving

  • It reduces consumptions: heating is on only when necessary
  • Low consumption radio technology, for maximum battery life
  • Short chain: designed and manufactured in Italy

Intuitive, for everyone

  • Easy installation
  • Chronothermostat programmable from the App (no need for the manual!)
  • Multi-user control: it can be used by all family members
  • Thermostat display visible from afar

Each room its climate

  • Management of up to 12 independent thermostats
  • Quick and simple configuration of additional Thermostats
  • High radio signal coverage


  • Independent from your heating system (gas, biomass, solar)

Install Rialto in five steps:

Rialto_Kit-Thermo-pack 2

1. Check that your old thermostat is compatible with Rialto
2. Download the App from Google Play or from iTunes App Store
3. Connect your new Smart Thermostat following the guided procedure
4. Connect the Rialto WhiteBox to your domestic router with an Ethernet cable
5. Follow the automatic configuration procedure directly from the App

Try the DEMO version of the “Rialto” App

Download “Rialto” App for free on your Apple iOS or Android smartphone and tablet, start the DEMO mode and try all functions

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