Rialto: the only smart home system dedicated to energy efficiency

Do you want to save on heating costs, without sacrificing comfort?

Rialto for climate control: adaptable to any system

Whatever type of heating system you happen to have installed, with Rialto you can turn it into a smart heating system. Better still: with the integrated summer/winter control function, you can manage both your heating and air conditioning systems using a single thermostat, and just one App.

  • Traditional heating with water filled radiators
  • Heating with underfloor coils
  • Heating with electric radiators and/or infrared radiant panels
  • Heating / cooling with heat pump
  • Heating with pellet stoves (operation piloted by outdoor thermostat)
Read the details of the RIALTO KIT THERMO

Do you want to reduce electricity consumption in a simple and fast way?

Rialto for effective management of electricity usage

To find out how much electricity is being used in the home or assess how best to invest in technologies aimed at maximizing energy efficiency, Rialto offers a range of wireless energy meters featuring professional grade specifications.

  • Monitoring of energy usage at home and at work
  • Separate monitoring of usage on different lines (lights, emf, etc.)
  • Programming, operation and metering of energy usage by pool water pumps
Read the details of the RIALTO KIT ENERGY MONITOR

Managing energy usage in your home has never been easier!

Making life easier for people thanks to technology, improving comfort and optimizing energy usage. Rialto does all of this: it makes running of the home that much easier by reducing energy usage, thanks to a perfect combination of electronic devices, Apps and smart functions.

With Rialto you can:

  • control all connected devices with ease using a single App
  • see where your home and household appliances are using electricity: how, and how much
  • reduce wasted energy

A simple App, for everyone

  • Intuitive: user-friendly from installation to use
  • No frills: everything you need, and nothing else
  • Complete: expandable together with your smart home

Lots of devices. Just one App

  • Wireless thermostats, controlling all zones
  • Energy meters, for checking on usage in real time
  • Smart sockets and switches, for activating and controlling household electrical appliances

Open design

works with rialto

All devices bearing the “Works with Rialto” logo can be integrated into the Rialto system.

Rialto is a product designed and made entirely in Italy by the Astrel Group an electronics company of thirty years standing, certified to ISO 14001.


Monitoring, Programming, Activation
Rialto is a simple and flexible system

Test Rialto app

Freely download Rialto app on your Apple iOS or Android smartphone and tablet: discover how it works with the DEMO mode

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