From the home screen you can access the menu by pressing the command icon with three horizontal stripes on the top left.

Among the menu items you’ll find Preferences.

In Preferences there are two commands:

  • General
  • Location

In Location there are four functions:

  • “Use location” to activate the location using your domestic Wi-Fi network (features typical of Android devices, see below)
  • “Use geo-location” to activate the geo-location, which uses GPS or your mobile phone network to set user’s distance from home/office/company
  • “Home locator” to set the GPS position where your Rialto system is
  • “Minimum distance” to set the area within the geolocation function is active (to switch the heating on, or to switch on/off a Smart Plug or Smart Switch)

We suggest you to activate both location functions for a better use of Rialto system and of your Android device.

To start using the geolocation function in Rialto system, you must turn ON “Use location” and “Use geo-location” functions.

There are two options for Android devices to locate the user’s position:
“Location”, when you are close to your domestic Wi-Fi network; it accurately registers when house tenants are home
– “
Geo-location”: it uses triangulation of GPS data and your phone’s network to identify users on the map, and know their distance from home/office/company

When the “Location” function is ON, Rialto validates “user is at home” condition when one of the smartphones associated to the system is connected to the domestic Wi-Fi network, whatever the minimum distance set is.
This setting is useful for all users using a chrono program with geolocation who wish to activate radiators, Smart Plugs and Switches only if they are at a very close distance from home.

Now you need to set the building’s position where the Rialto system is installed.

Use “Home locator” command and enter your house/office/company complete address.
You can precisely set the placeholder locating it with a single tap on the screen.

Once you have set the placeholder in the position wished, confirm by clicking on  on the top right.

You now need to set the area within the Rialto system considers “at home” the house tenants using geolocation feature.

With the “Minimum distance” command you’ll choose the control area within the presence of one or many house tenants activate the geolocation condition, allowing to switch heating or cooling system on or to switch on/off Smart Plugs or Smart Switches.

Selecting the option desired, Rialto will save your choice and will go back to the previous screen “Location”.

You now need to build a daily weekly chrono program for your Rialto Smart Thermostats, Smart Plugs or Smart Switches, considering geolocation crono options available.

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